Winds of Change

“Winds of Change” Original Pointillist Painting Acrylic on Canvas 24″x 30″

Winds of Change

The owl invites us to a sense of boldness and focus. The golden moon behind the head, accentuating the intensity of its gaze,
riveting me to the moment, an invitation to presence. Immediately I notice the vibrant … [read more]

Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas Available
Signed & Numbered ed/108

40″ x 50″
32″x 40″
24″ x 30″
20″x 25″

Collectors, please inquire with Goldenstein Gallery
or contact the artist directly at
Thank you for your interest 🙂


Original Pointillist Painting Acrylic on Canvas 24″x 30″ is available

Feminine Mysticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine

Feminine Mysticism in Art:
Artists Envisioning the Divine
by Victoria Christian
Featuring the artwork of Sherab Shey Khandro
with Tara the Saviouress,
written about an inspired process in the creation of sacred art


Years in the making this book is now available in Hardcover and Softcover on Amazon. Get yours today

Congratulations to Victoria, her team and all the artists featured in this inspiring publication.

Lotus Blessings

Lotus Blessings Pendant

The design of this handcrafted pendant is inspired by a guided group meditation focused on cultivating Compassion for ourselves and each other.  Please join one of our scheduled meditations or call about scheduling one.

Available on your choice of a black cord or sterling snake chain. Either available in 16″ or 18″ lengths.


Collect one for yourself. Collect one for your favorite meditation partner:

Inspirations by Shey (online shopping)

Goldenstein Gallery (Sedona AZ)

Liberation Yoga (Mahopac, NY)

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