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Jun 20, 2013 | Art & Symbolism, Blog



Calla Lily Poem:

Courage of the Bloom

The Courage of the Bloom

Ah, the courage of the bloom to respond fully to the call
The call of nature beckoning it to reveal it’s magnificence, it’s allure

Tender but firm the petals unfold
Exposed, vulnerable, radiant
It’s full expression manifest
The world nourished

Ah, the courage to own it’s elegant beauty
Standing alone, completely open
Offering all that it has without fear

Ah, the Glory!
The Calla Lily, symbol of resurrection

An invitation for a new beginning
Rising to new life

Remind me precious bloom of the beauty within my own being
Remind me of the power of sharing what is my natural state
Remind me that without fear there is only Love

I am that
I am Love


Collectors please inquire with Goldenstein Gallery

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