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The power to uplift our world and all the people in it lies right in the palm of our hands

Our ability to create great change
can be found in the smallest of acts …
How do we harness our magnificent
creative power to pave a path to Peace,
Peace in our hearts, Peace in our world?

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Artist Receptions and Artist in Residence with Goldenstein Gallery

Love it! As always you force me to look deep within and search out those things in my out heart that stop me from allowing love in various areas of my own life. I’m reminded every time I look upon your beautiful work on my wall, every time I see one of your videos, or a post on Facebook. Thank You for being true to yourself and bringing that beauty to the world.”

Blessed Be ~ Donna

Peace Trail 2020 … Stay Tuned

“Open your heart, fling your hopes high, set your dreams aloft.  I am here to hold your hand”.

~Maya Angelou

We can be that for each other … reach out and lift someone up.

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