Embracing the Courage Within: A Poem and Reflection

Mar 6, 2024 | Art & Symbolism, Blog, Meditation, Mindfulness with the Mystics, Small Acts

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Embracing the Courage Within: A Poem and Reflection

Today I share a simple poem that emerged spontaneously from a deep calling within my heart—an urging for more courage, a willingness to stand in the world with my heart wide open.

It began as I was inspired to paint a single bloom—a calla lily had captured my attention and sparked a cascade of reflections. As I gazed upon its delicate petals, I couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer courage it takes for a flower to respond fully to the call of nature. Regardless of the conditions and circumstances it finds itself in, revealing its magnificence with unabashed vulnerability.

This poem, titled “The Courage of the Bloom,” became a metaphor for the human heart—a call to stand in the world as the radiant beings of light that we naturally are.

I invite you to sit quietly, centered in your heart as you read this poem:

The Courage of the Bloom

“Ah, the courage of the bloom to respond fully to the call
The call of nature beckoning it to reveal its magnificence, its allure

Tender but firm the petals unfold
Exposed, vulnerable, radiant Its full expression manifest
The world nourished

Ah, the courage to own its elegant beauty
Standing alone, completely open
Offering all that it has without fear

Ah, the Glory! The Calla Lily, symbol of resurrection
An invitation for a new beginning Rising to new life

Remind me, precious bloom, of the beauty within my own being
Remind me of the power of sharing what is my natural state
Remind me that without fear there is only Love

I am that
I am Love”

Let’s embrace the courage within, standing tall and open-hearted, just like the courageous bloom, ready to illuminate the world with our radiant beauty.


Recently, I shared this poem on Day #5 of Mindful March Inspired by the Mystics 2024, hosted by Feast for the Soul. After the reading, participants were invited to immerse themselves in 18 minutes of silent meditation, embracing the present moment with non-judgmental awareness.

As we concluded our meditation, we were invited to carry the following reflection with us throughout the day:

“As you move through your day, rest your awareness in your heart space. Breathe in, breathe out, relaxed. Allow your heart to fall open a little bit more, allowing your light to shine forth even more brightly, alive in its natural radiant beauty.”

I invite you to join us for more of Mindful March 2024 here. Feel free to invite friends and family as together we pave the path to a more peaceful and compassionate world.

Visit the Feast for the Soul Blog here for more about the inspired readings we have shared so far.

Courage of the Bloom

“The Courage of the Bloom*”


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The paintings that inspired this poem can be found here:
Courage of the Bloom

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