Butterfly Symbolism

Oct 6, 2023 | Art & Symbolism, Blog

Starting as a humble caterpillar, inching along the earth, much like our own journey through life’s challenges. Then, the cocoon, a period of going within, a time of transformation and introspection, mirroring our own moments of growth and self-discovery.

From here, the miracle happens. It emerges, reborn as a butterfly, taking flight with newfound freedom and grace. This transformation represents our own potential for spiritual awakening, transcending limitations, and embracing a higher state of being.

The butterfly is a symbol of resurrection, of shedding the old to embrace the new. It reminds us that change is not to be feared but celebrated. It whispers to our souls that we too have the power to undergo profound inner metamorphoses, emerging stronger, wiser, and more beautiful than before. So, my dear friend, let the butterfly be a reminder: within each of us lies the potential for incredible transformation and spiritual rebirth.

Shey’s artwork serves as a bridge between her heart and the world. Through each piece, she shares her connection to profound teachings, symbols, and experiences, inviting others to connect with these spiritual aspects as well. The why behind Shey’s work …

Visit Shey’s online gallery featuring pointillist paintings, sculptures, original jewelry designs, and more..


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