Why do I make art? I feel an almost compulsive need to grab threads from the universal field of energy and weave them together to create a vision of a world motivated by kindness and compassion. Not just a world of nice-nice but a world where we recognize, that when it is not Love, it is a call for Love. A world where patience comes easily. A place where we pause and become curious about those who are different from who we are, seeking to understand, to learn, to be inspired by new perspectives. Wishing the best for each of us in all we do.

As an artist with a background in sacred arts and spirituality, I explore my craft as a means of personal expression. My pendants, paintings and sculptures are each a fresh canvas, a space in the universe to convey my insights, experiences, and wisdom.

It has long been my wish to inspire and uplift our hearts and minds. This artwork is not just for adornment; it is meant to be a source of inspiration and a reminder of the beauty and wisdom found on in our lives and on our respective paths.

My work serves as a bridge between my spiritual journey and the world around me. It is the voice with which I speak to the world. Through each piece, I share my connection to profound teachings, symbols, and understandings, inviting others to connect with spiritual aspects within themselves.

I create my art to connect with and support others on their spiritual journeys. Whether adorning the walls of their personal spaces, placing sculptures in their gardens, or wearing or holding the pendant designs, individuals can find solace, strength, and a deeper connection to themselves and the aliveness of the journey.

Beyond their spiritual significance, each piece is an artistic creation. As a skilled sculptor, painter, and jewelry designer I bring my vision to life, infusing each original piece with style and careful craftsmanship.

In its essence, I feel this artwork meets and transcends aesthetics, inviting each of us to connect with our individual and collective journeys. Each artistic expression acts as a touchstone to our own hearts.

Visit my online gallery, explore the symbolism in my work and in my techniques.

What speaks to your heart? Reach out, I would love to hear from you. 



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