Meet Shey Khandro

Affectionately known as Shey, Sherab Shey Khandro, is a distinguished spiritual mentor and celebrated fine artist with a profound commitment to cultivating compassion and inspiring meaningful action. With 15 years of experience as a Buddhist nun in the Tibetan tradition, Shey has dedicated her life to studying and practicing philosophy, spirituality, metaphysics, and modern science. Her journey is marked by deep exploration and integrating ancient wisdom with contemporary understanding.

As a sacred artist and renowned pointillist painter, Shey’s artwork is a testament to her spiritual devotion. Each dot in her meticulously crafted pieces is imbued with an intention, a prayer to end suffering, creating a powerful and meditative experience for the viewer. Her career as a fine artist also includes accomplishments as a stupa builder and sculptor, further exemplifying her dedication to creating sacred art that uplifts and transforms. Visit Goldenstein Gallery to see her available work.

“Art is a form of meditation, a prayer in color and form.

Every dot is a wish for the end of suffering and the beginning of a new understanding.”


Shey’s impact extends beyond her art. She is a sought-after professional coach and speaker specializing in mindfulness and compassion. Her teachings emphasize love for self, each other, and our precious planet, guiding individuals and communities toward a more harmonious existence. Shey can help you discover inner peace, resilience, and a profound sense of well-being and purpose through her compassionate guidance.

As a spiritual mentor, Shey embodies the archetype of the Bodhisattva Warrior, blending boundless compassion with courageous action. Her charismatic leadership echoes the qualities of the pied piper, inspiring and mobilizing us toward a more peaceful and compassionate world.

“Compassion is the foundation of a peaceful world.

Each small act of kindness ripples out to create a wave of transformation.”


Shey Khandro’s vision is rooted in the belief that through cultivating compassion and inspiring action, we can co-create a world where all beings experience happiness, freedom, and love. Her teachings and art serve as beacons of light, guiding you on your path to inner and outer peace.

“The journey inward is the most courageous path.

It is there you discover your true power to heal yourself and others.”


Engaging with Shey as a spiritual mentor offers transformative benefits. Her unique blend of ancient wisdom, artistic expression, and contemporary insight provides a holistic approach to personal growth and collective well-being. Shey’s guidance empowers you to embrace your inner Bodhisattva Warrior, taking compassionate action to create positive change in your life and the world around you.

Through her work with the Shey Global Mindfulness & Compassion Institute, Shey continues to inspire, educate, and mobilize individuals and communities, fostering a global movement towards mindfulness, compassion, and sustainable peace.


“In mindfulness, we find the clarity to act with love and purpose.

In compassion, we find the strength to upllft the world.”




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