“art has the power to move past the intellect reaching directly into your heart, allow it to touch you and watch the magic unfold!”

Reconnecting with Your True Self: Unlocking our Highest Potential

Grounded in Love and supported by timeless spiritual understandings and discoveries in metaphysics and modern science, we will explore the possibility of a world motivated by compassion and kindness. Join Shey in Burmingham, AL for this inspiring and transformational workshop. Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome.

Shey’s work resonates with purpose… the power of presence can be viscerally felt in her work, flowing into her paintings, her sculptures and her intentional jewelry line.

Amanda C.

Shey Khandro is radiant … full of light beckoning us to live in the moment and to love more fully.  While she emanates professionalism … she is easy to approach and conveys wisdom and understanding with ease.  Her art is an extension of her Spiritual Life in which she truly captures the sacred with every dot.

Adrea R.

Amazing artwork – I love these! … they are just too beautiful for bookmarks. smile
Love the card and CD too. Highly recommend this artist!

Karen M.

Wearing this “touchstone” she created, takes me to my heart space each time I touch it.  When I first saw Shey’s TRUST necklace, I knew I had to have it. I was taking steps to do something big in my life and this seemed like the necklace to wear, not only for the simple beauty of it, but because I know Shey to be what I call “the walking epitome of Peace.” Sure enough, wearing it daily has brought me every wish and even brought people to me who felt the pull to own a necklace themselves. It’s been quite magical!

Tatia F.

TEDX Sedona

Each one of us is a vibrant, pulsating center of creation …

every thought, every word, every deed setting energy in motion.

How do we harness our magnificent creative power to pave a path to Peace?

“Small Acts of Immeasurable Benefit”

with Sherab “Shey” Khandro

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cultivating inner peace

Empowering Each Moment

Loving the Journey

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cultivating inner peace

Empowering Each Moment

Loving the Journey

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cultivating inner peace

Empowering Each Moment

Loving the Journey

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All living beings Happy, Free & Loved

Come alive on your journey through the power of Mindfulness and Intention.

Join Shey and explore the transformative power of Universal Love and compassion.

What are you dreaming of? How can I support you?

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