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Shey Global Zoom Room
Sun, 17 Dec, 02:00 PM
🌟 Invitation to Mindful Beginnings: A New Year Meditation Journey with Shey Khandro Dear Beautiful Souls, As we embrace the twilight of the year, join us on December 17th in Shey Global's Zoom Room for this virtual gathering—a celebration of Peace, Happiness, and the profound art of new beginnings with a New Year Meditation Journey with Shey Khandro & friends. ✨ What Awaits You: Teaching & Reflection: Join me as we gently illuminate pathways to inner peace and joy, offering reflections to set the stage for a harmonious new year. Guided Meditation: Immerse yourself in a soothing meditation, a guided…
Pura Vida Healing-Arts Birmingham, AL
Three Day Immersive Event
Embark on a Journey Within: An Invitation to the Immersive Mindfulness Meditation Retreat "Embark on this immersive journey, where the ancient wisdom of mindfulness meets the fresh canvas of a new year. Your seat in this sacred circle awaits—a space where you can reconnect with the core of your being and set forth into the year ahead with clarity, purpose, and an open heart." 🌟 Welcome to Your Sacred Space of Renewal As we stand on the cusp of a new year, join us for a transformative weekend where a tapestry of mindfulness and meditation unfolds! This Immersive Meditation Retreat,…

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