It’s My Birthday!

Nov 20, 2018 | Blog, Global Peace, Small Acts, Sustainability

Facebook is always on top of birthdays. I enjoy seeing the notifications and feeling gratitude for each of you in my life. I have always reveled in the birthday greetings people have taken time to send.

Now you can set up a link on Facebook to allow people to make a donation to local and regional non-profits in honor of the birthday girl or boy (or birthday person). This gave me pause to reflect on the amazing people and organizations committed to serving the needs of others. I am moved by the increasing number of ways we support each other locally and around the globe. I am inspired by the consistent efforts of people in my own community.

A few jump readily to mind, check them out at the links below:

Angela Windolph and Nadia Caillou of the Goldenbone Rescue & Rehab

Goldenbone Rescue & Rehab finds safe havens for homeless, abandoned and abused domestic pets

Wing and Laurie of the Sedona Homeless Alliance

Sedona Homeless Alliance creates programs and services to address the immediate and long-term needs of the Sedona area homeless.

Barry Maketansky and company with the Verde Valley Sanctuary

Verde Valley Sanctuary provides safety, shelter, education and other resources to those experiencing domestic violence.

Adele Seronde, Founder of Gardens for Humanity and her dedicated team

Gardens for Humanity is building relationships between individuals and with Nature through gardening, art, and education.

Zoe Wild, Founder and Executive Director of One Light Global

One Light Global uses innovative technology and cultural wisdom to transform crisis impacted communities into thriving ones.

Danette Wolpert, Founder of The Illuminate Film Festival

Illuminate Film Festival is dedicated to elevating human consciousness and inspiring lasting transformation through the medium of film.

I could go on for pages. Hearts are open, people really do care. Each one of these groups has a heartfelt mission. They have pillars on which they have built their organization, a vision of making a real difference in our world. I feel so much possibility alive in our world today through their efforts.

Of course, there is no pressure from me to make a donation for my birthday, (November 25th actually), your presence and your smile are already gifts I treasure. Yet I invite you to think of the people and the organizations you know when you have a reason to celebrate. Whatever gift you are able to give, at any time, will hit its mark and be of benefit to many.

Happy Birthday to you and may your life be long and filled with happiness.




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