✨ Join Me for Conscious Conversations ✨

May 29, 2024 | Blog, Global Peace, Small Acts

Do You Enjoy Engaging in Soul-Nourishing Dialogue?

✨ Join Me for Conscious Conversations ✨

two cups of coffee with barista flourish. Yum! One of the joys of my journey is connecting with amazing people like you. As I travel, I love discovering local coffee shops and engaging in meaningful conversations.

I invite you to join me for Conscious Conversations, together we will explore ideas, share experiences, and deepen our connection.

I’ll update you through my newsletter as I move about.  I will let you know what cities I’m in and how long I’ll be there.

When I’m in your area, if you’re interested in being part of these conversations, reach out and we will schedule a time. Small groups are welcome!

Where I’ll Be: Clearwater FL
When: May 31- June 18, 2024

Where I’ll Be: Gainesville followed by Jacksonville
When: Third week in June 😊 Dates to be determined. Feel free to chime in!

How to Connect:

  1. Email me at smallacts@SheyGlobal with your availability.
  2. Suggest your favorite local coffee (or tea) spot or let me recommend one.

Let’s create a more peaceful and compassionate world, one conscious conversation at a time.

Stay Tuned ✨✌🏽😎

What makes a conversation conscious?

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