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Padmasambava: The Lotus King

This painting is an image of Padmasambava, the Indian master who originally brought Buddhism to Tibet. His name literally means “Lotus Born.”
A fully realized Buddha, his image is a gateway to the pure blessings of wisdom, compassion, equanimity, and joy.

Just as the lotus, rooted in the dark mire of the lake bottom, grows upward through the murky water and blooms, floating unspoiled and pure scented on the lake’s surface; so the enlightened mind of the Buddha, overcoming the obscuration of our ordinary worldly existence, reaching through the depths of suffering towards the source of light and beauty teaching the blossom of understanding and compassion.

Padmasambava, the Lotus King, is a teacher of understanding and compassion, the pure display of enlightenment in the world.

Original Pointillist Painting  Acrylic on Board (Framed) 48” x 60” $228,000

Collectors, please inquire with Goldenstein Gallery
or contact the artist directly at
Thank you for your interest 🙂

Limited Edition Giclee Prints on Canvas Available
Signed & Numbered ed/108


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