Original Pointillist Painting Acrylic on Board (Framed) 48” x 60”

Padmasambava: The Lotus King

This painting is an image of Padmasambava, the Indian master who originally brought Buddhism to Tibet. His name literally means “Lotus Born.” A fully realized Buddha, … [read more]

Limited Edition Giclee Prints on Canvas Available
Signed & Numbered ed/108

40″x 50″
32″ x 40″
24″ x 30
20″ x 25″
16″x 20″

Collectors, please inquire with Goldenstein Gallery
or contact the artist directly at Shey@SherabKhandro.com
Thank you for your interest 🙂

Original Pointillist Painting  Acrylic on Board 48” x 60” Available


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