Finding Inner Peace

Aug 28, 2021 | Blog


Shey Global Blog Post September 2021


Finding Inner Peace

Can you recall a time you truly felt a deep sense of inner peace? A sense of peace filling your body, your mind, your spirit? 

“Be still and know,” these words have echoed through the ages holding the promise of knowing the truth of our own nature, of who we are and why we are here. There is a power that lies in the stillness within, a power connecting us to our deepest sense of ourselves, to our Divinity, and to each other.

These are turbulent times, change is most certainly afoot. Who are we in this world gone wild?  Can we move in the world free of fear, rooted in a clear sense of the beauty and grace lying within each of us? 

It is said we are the creators of our lives. We become what we believe, our thoughts and our words creating our reality. Great mystics have shared this idea through their wisdom teachings for millennia. Today, modern science offers physical proof of these truths.  

If this is true and I believe it is, we have created this world in which we live. It is the peace within us which will ultimately express as peace in our world. Let us begin within to create the change we wish to see around us. May we take the time to know the peace within ourselves. May we act with courage and conviction and simply be. 

This is an invitation to try an experiment, an inner peace challenge if you will, an opportunity for each of us to experience the embodiment of peace within ourselves. Each day for the next 21 days, take time to consciously connect with the stillness that lies within. Use the practice below to put you in touch with a deep sense of peace within your body and your mind. 

Then from this space of being, walk in the world as a radiant source of peace and love and beauty. In truth, this is exactly who you are. It is who we are, individually and collectively. May we be the very source of peace, within ourselves and in the world. Please do not wait for Peace to find you from the outside. Be still and nurture its potential, allow it to rise from within. Allow this sense of peace, even in its tiniest seed, to soothe you, to nourish you and to ultimately empower you.



Thank you for sharing your time and attention.

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*Originally posted in Sacred Sedona Now Aug Newsletter


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