Curiosity is My Word for 2021

Jan 10, 2021 | Blog, Small Acts

Curiosity word for 2021 small actsBringing curiosity into the moment

Each year I adopt a new word.

Curiosity is my word for 2021. I carry my word with me, exploring its meaning, how it feels, keeping it in the forefront of my mind.

For instance, one year my word was patience, a powerful word, Because of this practice, I found myself growing a deeper appreciation of life through the practice of patience. Practicing patience brought me into the present moment, creating space for empathy and compassion. A certain peace began to settle in my own being as I consciously cultivated the practice of patience.

Another year I chose joy.

I feel my heart lift, just hearing the word joy.  As I think of joy, I see colorful balloons floating up in the sky, as a result, I am uplifted, I then feel a sense of freedom and possibility.  I received the most powerful gift with the practice of sympathetic joy, a practice I was introduced to in my training in Tibetan Buddhism.  Sympathetic joy is the intentional practice of celebrating the good fortune of others. When we can recognize and celebrate the wins of others, we exponentially expand the experience for ourselves and for others. Regardless of what may be going on in our own lives, we have access to profound feelings of joy whenever we recognize the joy in the lives around us.

This year the word curiosity has captured my attention.

With all that has happened in 2020, I feel one of the most important things we can do right now is to ask more questions.  Starting with questions for ourselves we ask: What do I value? What would I like to see more of in my life? How can I empower solutions? Awaken possibilities for a world motivated by compassion?

I chose the word curiosity with the intention of reinvigorating my child-like wonder, to invite a willingness to pause, to consider things from new perspectives. Looking with fresh eyes, I ask myself to consider possibilities outside of my initial impressions, outside of the habits, the laziness of knowing. When we already know, we are no longer open to what is fresh, what may have changed, what is actually true in the moment.

I am inviting you to join me in the practice of adopting a word.

Pick a word that stands tall in your mind, I would like to suggest it be one that embodies the qualities you would like to embrace. There may be a word whispering with a quiet insistence in your heart or possibly it is a word that just keeps appearing in your everyday life. Or maybe it’s one you are just curious about.

To start, invite your chosen word into your conscious awareness. Then, carry it with you throughout the year. Explore it. Let it teach you things. What does it mean in your culture? What is the traditional understanding? How is it used today?

What role does this word play in your life? What does it mean to you? How does it feel? What benefits might it offer as a companion on your path?

At the end of the year, the words I adopt are not abandoned. After we have traveled through the weeks and the days and shared deeply the ideas and experiences represented by and associated with this word, we have then become fast friends. As a result, these words are now woven into my consciousness, they are now guides on my journey and continue to share their wisdom.

Words represent ideas, they are energy, they are vibrations in the field. What are you vibrating with? What ideas make your life richer? Which ones help enrich the lives of others? Pick a word, then bring it alive. Let it bring you alive.

Curiosity is my word for 2021, what might yours be, I am curious to hear from you  😊



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