Arabesque and a Cup of Tea

Apr 7, 2013 | Blog



“Where would you begin to tell the story of this piece?” a woman asked me.

“I would begin with a cup of tea,” I said.

Speaking an esoteric language of art and symbolism, some pieces say so much to me, a quiet moment of reflection necessary.

The story often begins with my dots. A common thread in my paintings, the dots represent the power of the moment, the small acts that come together to make great things happen and the insubstantial nature of all that appears solid and real. The specific elements of the composition and their arrangement support other potential conversations.

With this one I might begin with my interest in the study of the curve or possibly the symbolism of the primary elements of the design: damselfly, moon, fresh growth.  I might first explore the choice of colors, their harmony and energetics.  I am likely to begin in my head. Ultimately I wish to speak from my heart.

Flow, ease, movement, feminine, soft, all words that come to mind when I think of curve. To the artist, movement through space, carrying the eye, suggesting dimension, turbulent or easy curve communicates with a softened edge. I have begun a deeper study of curve. Structurally there is strength in curve. Curve is decidedly feminine in my mind, it’s softness, it’s strength, very feminine indeed.

The Buddha and the butterfly have been prominent symbols in my work to date. Recently the dragonfly has captured my imagination.  In this piece the dragonfly’s female counterpart, the damselfly has made an appearance. The wings pulled back when she is at rest she is easily distinguished from the dragonfly whose wings are always extended perpendicular to it’s body. To many each is held in esteem as symbols of transformation, of freedom, of breaking illusions. All subjects I like to explore in my work, in my life.

She rests on a freshly blossoming stem on the backdrop of a rising, golden moon.  As I sip my tea I see a story … tale of my own making … a wild imagining … or is it?



Why Arabesque?

Arabesque is dance, it is art, it is flow

Come dance with me …

May this piece hold space for our awakening & our joy

Damselfly, feminine expression at rest
Mother moon rising

Fresh sprig of life blossoming

You sing a song of my heart

A world in perfect balance

Strength, gentleness

Love and Compassion as ruling source of Wisdom

Hearts alive, new growth

Turn the mind to color

Blue of body, the color of sky and ocean, vastness

Space and water, mutable forms within the formless

Openness, flow, welcoming change

The color of AH

Speech, vibration, movement

Communication open

The damsel, feminine expression holding space

Do I reach too far to make meaning in the mundane?

I do not.

Look deeper, the world around us is more than it seems

In the ordinary we find the Divine

Red of the wing

Gold of the moon

Red, energy of grounding, Mother Earth

Of fire transforming

In my world, the color of Compassion

A wing propels flight

Compassion as power

Holding space

Gold, intuition, dawning. Wisdom

A knowing light

Not separate

Together a harmony

Fundamental in the study of color

Blue, red, yellow, primary triad

A perfect harmony from which the colors of the rainbow are made

A ground so to speak

A possibility emerges

Heart centered

Heart energy, green

New life

Welcome the moment

It is written, story told
May it be so

Thank you for asking
Sherab Khandro

Limited Edition Giclees Available Signed & Numbered ed/108
Thank you for your interest 🙂

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