May 16, 2020

“Where would you begin to tell the story of this piece?” a woman asked me.
“I would begin with a cup of tea,” I said.

Speaking an esoteric language of art and symbolism, some pieces say so much to me, a quiet moment of reflection necessary.
The story often begins with my dots. A common thread in my paintings, the dots represent the power of the moment, the small acts that come together to make great things happen and the insubstantial nature of all that appears solid and real.
The specific elements of the composition and their arrangement support other potential conversations.

With this one, I might begin with my interest in the study of the curve or possibly the symbolism of the primary elements of the design: damselfly, moon, fresh growth.
I might first explore the choice of colors, their harmony, and energetics.  I am likely to begin in my head. Ultimately I wish to speak from my heart.

Flow, ease, movement, feminine, soft, all words that come to mind when I think of curve. To the artist, movement through space, carrying the eye, suggesting dimension, turbulent or easy curve communicates with a softened edge.
I have begun a deeper study of the curve. Structurally there is strength in the curve. The curve is decidedly feminine in my mind, it’s softness, it’s strength, very feminine indeed.

The Buddha and the butterfly have been prominent symbols in my work to date. Recently the dragonfly has captured my imagination.  In this piece the dragonfly’s female counterpart, the damselfly has made an appearance.
The wings pulled back when she is at rest she is easily distinguished from the dragonfly whose wings are always extended perpendicular to its body. To many, each is held in esteem as symbols of transformation, of freedom, of breaking illusions.
All subjects I like to explore in my work, in my life.

She rests on a freshly blossoming stem on the backdrop of a rising, golden moon.
As I sip my tea I see a story … tale of my own making … a wild imagining … or is it?

Limited Edition Giclees Available Signed & Numbered ed/10 are available here

Collectors may also inquire with Goldenstein Gallery or contact the artist directly at Thank you for your interest 🙂

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