Zoom 101: Navigating Virtual Events with Confidence

May 8, 2024 | Blog, Educational Cornerstone, Meditation Event

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Zoom 101: Navigating Virtual Events with Confidence

Welcome to the Shey Global Zoom Room, let’s make sure you feel comfortable and confident navigating a Zoom event! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

 Before the Event

Finding the Link: After you’ve registered for the event, keep an eye on your email inbox. Look for a message from the event organizers. The link to join the Zoom meeting should be included in this email. If it is a free event, it might also be posted on the event’s website or social media pages.

 Joining the Event

Entering the Waiting Room: When it’s time for the event, click on the Zoom meeting link provided. This will take you to a page where you’ll be prompted to download the Zoom software if you haven’t already. Once downloaded, the Zoom application will open automatically, and you’ll be placed in a virtual waiting room.

What to Expect in the Waiting Room: In the waiting room, you’ll see a message indicating that the host will let you into the event shortly. This is just like waiting outside a conference room before a meeting starts.

Being Let In by the Host: Once the host starts the meeting, they’ll see you in the waiting room and let you in. You’ll then be able to see and hear everyone else who’s joined the event.

During the Event

Basic Controls:
Changing Your Name: Click on the “Participants” button at the bottom of the Zoom window. Find your name in the participant list, hover over it, and click “Rename.” Then, type in the name you’d like to display.

Muting and Unmuting: Locate the microphone icon at the bottom left corner of the Zoom window. Click on it once to mute yourself (others won’t hear you), and click again to unmute.

Starting and Stopping Video: Similarly, find the video camera icon next to the microphone icon. Click on it to start sharing your sweet face, and click again to stop.

Expressing Yourself

Raising Your Hand: If you have a question or want to speak, click on the “Participants” button and then click “Raise Hand.” This will alert the host and other participants that you’d like to contribute.

Using Emojis: Hover over your own video thumbnail, and you’ll see a small icon that looks like a smiley face. Click on it to reveal a menu of emojis you can use to express yourself. Everyone in the meeting will see these emojis.

Using Breakout Rooms

What is a Breakout Room? A breakout room is a feature in Zoom that lets the host divide participants into smaller groups for discussions or activities during a virtual meeting. It creates separate virtual spaces for brainstorming, group activities, or focused discussions during virtual events or meetings.

Joining a Breakout Room: If the event includes breakout sessions, the host will assign participants to different rooms. When it’s time for breakout sessions, you’ll receive a notification on your screen. Simply click “Join” to enter your assigned breakout room.

Leaving the Event

Ending the Meeting: Once the event is over, you can leave by clicking on the “Leave Meeting” button at the bottom right corner of the Zoom window. Confirm that you want to leave, and you’ll exit the meeting.

Remember, it’s okay to take your time and ask questions if you’re unsure about anything. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we’re here to support each other as we navigate the virtual world together!


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