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Mar 27, 2016 | Blog

Peace Gardens: Wheel of Compassion

In our busy, fast paced world, a Pocket Peace Garden offers us a place to pause; an invitation to center in our heart, creating space in our minds. As we breathe in deeply, we fill ourselves with Compassionate Intention. As we breathe out we wish that all beings know happiness. This state of mindfulness leads us along the path to Peace; Peace in our Hearts, Peace in our World.


The focal point of this intentional space is the Wheel of Compassion. This kinetic bronze sculpture is filled with sacred words, aspirations for a more peaceful and compassionate world. This unique, artistic piece is modeled after ancient sacred sculptures, alive with intention, a source of blessings over centuries. Legend has it that long  ago, a great spiritual master created a profound experiment. Setting sacred words in motion, he observed that for those nearby the experience was likened to that of viewing a fine painting, listening to a beautiful piece of music or watching an awe inspiring sunset. The experience uplifted and inspired.

Taking Action

Interaction with the Wheel of Compassion brings an inner calmness that emanates outward.  As we spin The Wheel of Compassion, we give rise to compassion in our minds. Setting this energy in motion, we are uplifted; our hands and our thoughts igniting our hearts. While reflecting on the power of Compassion, we are reminded of the small things that add up to great change; acts of Kindness, of Patience, of Generosity, creating positive change in our lives and the lives of others.

As the wheel turns, silent blessings of Compassion are generated, a calming and healing influence spreading in the world.

Designed for private, corporate or community garden spaces, these sculptures offer a perfect moment to pause. Reflecting on the power of Compassion, we then step back into our day; hearts open, load lighter, one step closer to Peace. Peace in our Hearts, Peace in our World.

Created as a Limited Edition Bronze Edition of 21.

Available through Goldenstein Gallery  Sedona, AZ

Please contact us for details.


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