Until Loving is the Only Thing We Know How to Do …

Sep 12, 2010 | Blog

IMAG1288As I get this blog rolling I have committed to 2-3 posts per week for now. I intend to talk about a variety of things and am inviting you to join in and make this a conversation.Of the subjects I am interested in, and feel qualified to talk about, art and spirituality are my favorites. It is likely that I will stick to these.I will also share with you something of my story.I have heard it is a rather interesting one and I do feel qualified to talk about that; the story of comfortable middle class kid turn addict turn competitive athlete turn fitness trainer turn Buddhist nun. The story of a woman giving birth to her heart and discovering an artist, a philosopher, an activist, a spiritual warrior, a woman I am finding, that I can love, respect and even celebrate being.

We will talk about art.We will talk about my art, my inspiration.I will tell the stories of what the pieces I have created have come to mean to me, what they have meant to others. I will talk about technique and about my training as an artist; beginning as a sculptor, 12 years ago deciding to try my hand at painting, now I paint and I sculpt.From my work on sacred Buddhist monuments to crafting small pieces of jewelry, it has been a colorful journey. We will talk a lot about color. We will look into pointillism as a contemporary technique of the neo-impressionists and into the ancient Buddhist text prescribing in detail the techniques for bringing forth an image of the Buddha.

We will talk about spirituality, meditation, fundamental Buddhist thought.We will talk about being spiritual warriors alive in a time of a changing world and the opportunity, possibly the responsibility, we each have to bring our best selves forward.I will tell stories of my experiences as a nun in the Tibetan tradition. I will share with you many of the tools I gathered on the path, some of the insights that have dramatically shaped my world, bringing healing and great joy. I will talk of a heart broken and a heart healed, of a heart open, committed to pouring forth.I will talk of my commitment for this life and for future lives, about my hopes for our world.

You may come to believe me a dreamer.I will tell you that I believe with all my heart in the possibility of living in Love with one another. I believe that it is possible that we can each come to know the divinity within ourselves and to see it clearly in each other.No matter how different we appear, we are of the same nature.We all want to be happy.We want to be free of our pain and our fear.We want to be loved.And of course how is this to happen?It begins with each of us making the choice for ourselves to choose love in each moment.When a moment passes and we have not chosen love, we turn our minds to it in the next moment.Patiently, slowly, slowly, until loving is the only thing we know how to do.

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