Thinking Beyond the Bin

Apr 24, 2018 | Blog

I offer my gratitude and appreciation to those who shared Earth-conscious practices and suggestions in response to my post on Earth Day. I am hopeful. We are stepping up and our world is changing. Simple, moment-by-moment practices add up.  One small act at a time, we pave a path to Peace.

Below are some of the ideas shared Sunday:

Think beyond the bin.

  • Ask yourself, “What can I do to keep this out of the landfill?”
  • Think about where the “trash” goes when you dispose of it.
  • Check out the recycling resources available in your area.
  • Engage with others about their recycling practices.

Inventory our daily practices.

  • Consider alternatives to plastic.
  • Reuse plastic containers food comes in.
  • Use ceramic or stainless steel travel mugs
  • Use refillable water bottles.
  • Keep reusable grocery bags in the car (then remember to take them in the store!)
  • Bring recycling home if they do not recycle where you work.
  • Recycle soft plastic packaging materials with plastic grocery bags.
  • Say,”no thank you” to the straws in restaurants.
  • Instead of plastic wrap, consider wax paper and a rubber band.
  • Store food and other things in glass mason jars

Small acts, immeasurable benefit. Please share any additional comments or ideas below.

The power to create change is right in the palm of our hand. Leaning in, together we are a power beyond measure.  Namaste.



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