She Calls to You

Nov 15, 2012 | Blog

Mother Tara – Angel of Peace

This image is available as a Limited edition Fine Art Print
Hand Embellished with Tibetan blessing symbols,
Numbered (ed/108) and Signed by the artist

I call to you as mirror of my being

Abandon false beliefs of separation
Know that as I am you are
False story of world as solid and real
Transitory, movement of mind
I am you, look deeply, breathe
A call to the savioress within
Deep reflection, inner knowing
Heed, rise to action
Mother of all life
The time is now Warrior Goddess
We call you to action
No matter your way
Peaceful or bold, we need you
Bring your light, your glory, your knowing
And yes, even your doubt
Sisters of light streaming
Abandon ways of folly
Yours is the birthright of all beings
Yours is a knowing on the edge of revelation
You see differences, solid and real
Illusion of the senses
Look deeper

Stand, we need you
Light of the world
Knower of truth
Step thru the veil
If tangled, breathe
Relax, know I am you
You are Goddess
We are hope of the world
Stand tall in this body
Gift for this life
Own strength of presence
You are here
You are now
Glory on high, you put me there
Holding space for your knowledge of truth
I as reflection of you
Divinity no less
Warm is my breath as is yours
Breathe me, I breathe you 
Light shining bright, my light is your light
One substance, no separation

Taste, knowing revealed
I am you
You are Love
The time is now

written by Sherab Khandro
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