Is there a piece of art you have had your eye on?

Jun 20, 2013 | Blog

Is there a piece of art you have had your eye on?

An image that makes your tummy tickle? Something that would be just right to for your special space? One to nourish and inspire you?

Consider treating yourself 🙂

Ask about Special Pricing on Limited Edition Fine Art Prints at Goldenstein Gallery!

Visit our website, Call or come to visit!

See available pieces at: 


Below, a personal favorite …

blue-flower-web-size (1)


Deep blue

Are we listening?



A call echoing

Curve, flow, easy rest


Simple blossom

Reminder of Divinity

Holding promise of awakening


Seed at center

Golden light of possibility



Ever-changing river of life

Reflecting itself

This moment



Limited edition fine art giclee on canvas available  

Signed and numbered  ed/108

Original Size 8″ x 12″   Custom Sizes also available

Collectors please inquire with Goldenstein Gallery

Or contact me directly

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