Peace Trail 2020

Aug 10, 2020

Welcome to Follow the Peace Trail 2020!

Your home for a series of free online live events celebrating the 39th Annual International Day of Peace. All are welcome. Please join us throughout the month of September for a lively exploration of how we can “Shape Peace Together.”

This year we will feature:

  • Weekly Teachings & Workshops with empowering educators
  • Guided Peace Day Meditation from L‚ÄôAuberge de Sedona
  • Sedona Human Library & Courageous Conversations
  • Mid-week healings with some of Sedona‚Äôs premier energy healers
  • Closing Despacho ceremony live online from the Sanctuary at Sedona
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You and your choices matter greatly in this ever-changing world. Please join us as we gather tools and learn more about empowering our own personal Peace practice.

“Peace Day” or the¬†International Day¬†of¬†Peace¬†is¬†observed around the¬†world¬†each year on 21 September. On this day each year, the United Nations calls on all nations and people to put down their weapons and reaffirm their commitment to living in harmony with one another.¬† Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day¬†provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to¬†Peace¬†above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of¬†Peace. Every year they put forth a different theme, this year we will be, ‚ÄúShaping Peace Together‚ÄĚ.


Streaming Live on Facebook

& Awake TV Network

All Peace Trail 2020 content will be streamed live from the Follow the Peace Trail Facebook page and fellow Peace Partner’s pages. These broadcasts can also be found on the Awake TV Network throughout the month of September.

We are grateful to each of our partners as together, we pave a path to Peace.

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Weekly Teachings & Workshops

Tools & practices to support our personal path to peace 

Join us weekly during Peace month for Live Virtual events featuring tools & practices designed to support our personal path to Peace. Teachings, Discussion, Meditation, Art, Music, & more …

  • Programs for all ages with Growing Peaceful Hearts Peace School
  • Conflict resolution discussion & insight
  • Creative writing journey
  • Self-Love as a foundation for evolution
  • Weekly sessions with Sedona energy healers
  • and more…

Experienced teachers and professional practitioners will light the way with accessible tools & reflections for deeper practice in our daily lives. All events will be streamed through Awake TV Network and on Facebook Live.


Tune into the


Monday, September 21, 2020 ONLINE

Valerie Romanoff,¬†award-winning composer and music producer, in conjunction with artist/sculptor/meditation teacher¬†Sherab ‚ÄúShey‚ÄĚ Khandro¬†(producer of the month-long ‚ÄúFOLLOW THE PEACE TRAIL‚ÄĚ happenings) invites YOU to claim your seat at this

GLOBAL PEACE PARTY, experiencing the transformational effects of pairing music with positive intentions! 

Filled with high-vibe music, sound healing, inspiring songs, meditations,¬†and a ‚Äútop of the hour‚ÄĚ communion with thought leaders & philosophers, we will share ideas and practices for co-creating PEACE & HARMONY in our ever- changing world!

We are not alone! Join the collective of like- minded people riding WAVES of kindness, love & compassion in a synergistic, synchronistic explosion of creative energy bringing forth the possibilities of PEACE IN OUR HEARTS and PEACE IN OUR WORLD!

This is your HEADQUARTERS to experience the 39th annual INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE

(a United Nations holiday where people all over the world lay down their weapons and open their minds to the possibility of a more peaceful and compassionate world).

REGISTER¬†(¬†FOR THIS FREE CONCERT¬†and the month-long schedule of ‚ÄúPeace Trail‚ÄĚ talks, workshops & meditations, which will be aired on Awake TV, Facebook, YouTube & platforms TBD.


Email us your prayers, intentions and dreams for a more peaceful world. Together, we will strengthen and activate our collective ideals. 


A multi-hour revolving program of spoken word, music, songs, ideas…
The Top of Each Hour ‚Äď Welcome by Shey Khandro,
Theme / Mini Meditation ‚Äď One of Our Guest Speakers
‚ÄúMusic and Mindfulness‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Thoughts by Valerie Romanoff
Sound Healing ‚Äď Guest Artists
CONCERT ‚Äď a range of musical performances inspiring the concepts of peace, love and unity

10 reasons to spend the day with us

Grooving into Bliss at the PEACE DAY MUSIC FESTIVAL:

  1. Align with energies of peace, love and compassion
  2. Strengthen your personal desires with the power of the group
  3. Learn to use sound and music to activate prayers and intentions
  4. Be uplifted by great performances
  5. Sing, dance, and energize your spirit
  6. Receive tools and tips for daily peace practices
  7. Take part in guided meditations for focused manifesting
  8. Practice shifting your energy for more deliberate creation
  9. Revitalize, recharge and open channels with each segment
  10. Give, receive, collaborate, engage, interact!



STILL ‚Äď music for meditation, CHILL ‚Äď music for activation, THRILL ‚Äď music for celebration

In celebration of the possibility of a more Peaceful and Compassionate world, Follow the Peace Trail 2020 will be raising the vibration with a gathering of like-hearted musicians and performers. Brought to you over the virtual airwaves from our homes & hearts to yours live online through the Awake TV Network and Facebook Live.  We will be streaming a multi-hour virtual MUSIC FESTIVAL to a global audience on the International Day of Peace September 21, 2020.  All are welcome.


All events are listed as Pacific Standard Time (PST) 

September 1, 3-4pm: Opening Day. ‚ÄúSelf-love; the Foundation of all Evolution‚Ä̬†workshop and meditation with Eva Maurice and a welcome from Shey Khandro and the Sedona International City of Peace.

September 2, 11-11:30 am: #MidweekMetaphysics with Sacred Sedona Now  Live stream on Facebook with Aideen T. Finnola

September 3, 6-7:30pm: ‚ÄúCreating Your Inner Peace Garden‚ÄĚ a creative expression workshop with Kate Hawkes of Red Earth Theatre.

Engaging all of our senses, you are invited to embrace the artist within to find and articulate your inner garden of peace, a place where you can go to find peace whenever and wherever you need it. Using guided meditation and prompts from music for writing and drawing (have your crayons on hand!) you will grow and glow during this powerful 90 minutes with Kate Hawkes. This workshop offers lasting tools for you to carry with you into the future.

September 9, 11-11:30 am: #MidweekMetaphysics with Sacred Sedona Now¬†¬†Live stream on Facebook with Leah Denmark ‚ÄúAligning Our Souls Purpose‚ÄĚ

September 10, 4pm: ‚ÄúThe Personal Work of Transforming Prejudice‚ÄĚ teaching and discussion with Conflict Resolution strategist Sraddha Hartung of Seven Centers Yoga.

Where do our biases come from? How do our personal biases shape our culture? This discussion looks at the current issues of bias and prejudice at all levels through the lens of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The practice of the sutras leads us to a deeper understanding of the roots of our conflicts and how our relationships can contribute to greater harmony in all our experiences.

September 16, 11-11:30 am: #MidweekMetaphysics with Sacred Sedona Now  Live stream on Facebook with LaRue Briggs

September 17, 6-7pm: ‚ÄúA Peace Talk with Grandfather Gandhi‚ÄĚ workshop for young children and parents with founder and director of Growing Peaceful Hearts, Ana Hansen.

During this peace discussion for young children and parents, the children will hear a story by Arun Gandhi named ‚ÄėChange: A Grandfather Gandhi Story.‚Äô The story sweetly addresses peace topics such as passive violence and non-violence or ahimsa. You are invited to do a meditation on non-violence together with your children. This peace talk will close with a Q&A and an opportunity for discussion with participants.



9:30 am Livestream Guided Meditation for World Peace with Shey and Goldenstein Gallery at L’Auberge de Sedona

10-1pm Sedona Human Library: unjudged someone

 1-5pm Peace Day Music Festival with Valerie Romanoff & her Spirit JamFest

Filled with high-vibe music, sound healing, inspiring songs, spoken word & meditations, and a ‚Äútop of the hour‚ÄĚ communion with thought leaders & philosophers, we will share ideas and practices for co-creating peace and harmony in our ever-changing world!

Join a collective of like-minded, like-hearted people riding waves of kindness, love & compassion; in a synergistic, synchronistic explosion of creative energy bringing forth the possibilities of Peace in our hearts, Peace in our world!

4 pm Film at Mary D. Fisher Theater (film to be announced)

September 23, 11-11:30 am: #MidweekMetaphysics with Sacred Sedona Now   Live stream on Facebook with Gwen Payne

September 24, 6-7 pm: ‚ÄėA Peace Talk for Teens & Young Adults‚Äô ¬†practices and discussion for teens and young adults with founder and director of Growing Peaceful Hearts, Ana Hansen

In this sixty-minute discussion, teens will analyze the purpose of peace in every day experiences. First, teens and parents will learn about the yogic foundations of emotional and mental peace philosophy as well as practice conflict resolution and meditation techniques. Together the parents and teens will share a loving kindness meditation. This peace talk will close with a Q&A and an opportunity for discussion with participants.

September 30, 11-11:30 am: #MidweekMetaphysics with Sacred Sedona Now  Live stream on Facebook with Tatia Fick, founder, and director of the Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment

 September 30, 6-7 pm: Closing Ceremony & Guided Meditation with the Sanctuary at Sedona & Shey Khandro

Live-streamed from the Sanctuary at Sedona we will participate remotely in ceremony as we set our intentions and seek to remove obstacles to Peace, Peace in our hearts, Peace in our world. Following our ceremony, we will stretch our hearts and our minds as together we envision a world at Peace, all living beings, happy, free and loved.

 Saturdays in September: #SutainableSaturdays  Visit the Follow the Peace Trail Facebook feed on Saturdays to explore ways we can support the health & vitality of our planet with small actions in our everyday lives.

 Stay tuned for monthly opportunities to share inspiring workshops, lively discussions, and informative panels as the Peace Trail continues in the months to follow. Your ideas and participation are welcome, as together, we co-create a more peaceful & compassionate world.


We invite you to embrace these ideals everyday throughout the year.

All are welcome.

Bring your open juicy hearts as together we empower a more Peaceful and Compassionate world.
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