Winds of Change

The owl invites us to a sense of boldness and focus. The golden moon behind the head, accentuating the intensity of its gaze, riveting me to the moment, an invitation to presence. Immediately I notice the vibrant … [read more]

Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas Available Signed & Numbered ed/108

40″ x 50″ $1900 32″x 40″ $1600 24″ x 30″ $1100 20″x 25″ $850

Collectors, please inquire with Goldenstein Gallery or contact the artist directly at Thank you for your interest 🙂


Original Pointillist Painting Acrylic on Canvas 24″x 30″ is available


Original Paintings and Large Bronze Sculpture:

Shipping and handling costs will vary.

Crates & Freight may be required.

Please contact us for a quote.

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