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Vajravarahi – Dance of the Red Dakini

Compassion in its Wisdom display has many faces. The mystical qualities of the divine feminine are multi-faceted and layered with meaning. The wrathful aspect, Vajravarahi, reflects a fierce, fiery, passionate display of profound love. She will stop at nothing to free us from the bonds of our suffering. She is compassion in action; it’s very movement through the shadows of our mind.

She is part of a sisterhood of fiery red goddesses found in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Surrounded by flames, their intense presence is most often misunderstood. With the wisdom of the awakened, she appears in ecstatic dance. Boundless energy generated for the sake of all beings. Fangs bared, drigu (curved knife) held high she will nash, she will slash whatever binds you to your suffering. She will burn it, rip it, tear it, like a mother protecting her children, she dances tirelessly for the sake of us all. She is Dakini.

Instructed in my first consultation with my Guru to study the nature of the Dakini. 25 years later, my understanding continues to find depth. I observe and contemplate as I live into a deeper understanding of her power and her purpose, the Dakini, the sky dancer, the female wisdom display, Buddha’s activity in the world. Peaceful or wrathful, she is also known as Khandro. What is my own role as warrior in these changing times? What is yours?


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Original Pointillist Painting  Acrylic on Board (Framed) 30” x 60” $48,000


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