Touchstone Love Pendant

You are in the right place for a special offer from Sacred Sedona Now!  Use coupon Code: LOVE2021 to save 10% on this piece, now through March 17 … order one for yourself and each of your friends! ❤️  Thank you for stopping by!

This original pendant heart design is hand-sculpted and cast in bronze in Sedona, AZ. Smooth and touchable it invites interaction. The raised dot brings us to the moment, reminding us to be open to giving and receiving Love. May you have many touchstones to light your way, reminders of the power of Love to bring us alive and our opportunity to choose it in each moment. The raised dot connects with the pulse in your finger and literally brings you back to your heart. Bronze Pendants and Charms on an adjustable black leather cord. Charm measures 1″x 1″ Each piece comes in an organza bag with a gift card … “This Love is for you…”


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