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Spiritual Butterfly Jewelry - Journey - Sherab "Shey" Khandro

Spiritual Butterfly Jewelry – “Journey”

Imbued with a Wish for Ease & Grace on Your Journey

I call this piece “Journey” A symbol of transformation, the butterfly, wings spread, in flight. The spiral, representing the layers on this path we travel, circling around and going deeper. The dot speaks to the power of this moment. The word “LIFE” is inscribed boldly on the back.

This original butterfly pendant design is hand-sculpted and cast in fine sterling silver.
Measuring 1.25″x 1″, each pendant hangs beautifully on a sterling snake chain. Available in 16″ or 18″.



Jewelry/greeting cards/bookmarks:

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Your purchase ships to you within 1-2 days by USPS Ground.

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