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Flame of Compassion

Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Ed 18
18″ x 10″ x 9″

Flame, heart deep and bright Dance the heat, transformation Compassion comes alive, red Golden glow of Wisdom … (more)   Cast in bronze, a patina of brilliant reds and golds with polished bronze edges, contemporary in style, this sculpture is bright with energy and movement. The red and the gold hold the energy of compassion and wisdom; the flame at the center inspires movement, lifting our wings. May each piece serve to remind us that the flame within each of us lifts us to our highest level of being. Each piece I create teaches me something. The symbol of the flame, the presence of the butterfly, each speaks to me of transformation, of movement, of action. The colors, holding the energy of wisdom and compassion, speak to me of the awakened mind. As this piece began to take shape I was reminded of the transformative power of a compassionate thought. In each moment we can choose to respond with love, with compassion. When we do it sets energy in motion that cannot help but bring benefit. Our own minds experience it, those we are responding to experience it, it then carries out from each of us sending ripples into the world. It is these moments, these small choices that transform our lives and the lives of those around us. We make a difference with these moment-by-moment choices; a flame alive within us, inspiring a compassionate thought, the transformation begins!  


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