Art Jewelry Dragon Design

“You’ve got this!”

Who doesn’t need to hear that!  This art jewelry design is an invitation from the dragon to “RISE!” and stand fully in your power on this journey of life. Fierce and unstoppable, this hand-sculpted lion-esque dragon pendant is a powerful talisman. Each of Shey’s creations is designed to support your highest expression.

Above all, this striking piece was created as a reminder of the beauty and power within you. A high-quality pendant with a clear message makes this a perfect gift! Treat for yourself or another special someone in your life.

The intentional language of symbols:

This art jewelry design incorporates the power and the mystique of the dragon along with the majesty, strength, and courage of the lion. It is therefore a balanced expression of the grounded and the passionate.

Symbols are often used as language, as a result, they have long been seen as a tool for communication and empowerment throughout the world.  Representing ideas and telling stories, they can align with universal concepts or embody personal meanings.

What stories do you tell yourself about your power and passion?

Find the one that’s right for you 

An original dragon pendant design, Shey’s art jewelry sculpture, “RISE!,” is cast in .925 fine sterling silver, gold bronze, or ancient bronze. A choice of necklaces in various lengths are available for each pendant. As a result, you may choose the one perfect for you.

Appropriate for any occasion, wear this piece as a bold statement or centerpiece to any outfit. Or wear it layered with other pieces of your wardrobe, letting your pendant peek out from behind a scarf or other accessory for a little mystery. RISE! can also be worn as a delicious little secret, a quiet support to your dreams.

Making it Easy

As a gift to you, all jewelry ships for free in the US. (Special consideration will be given to our friends in other parts of the globe!)

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, you may return the piece within 14 days for a full refund.

Using the dropdown menus below to choose one of the three different finishes then choose a necklace to match your style. So your treasure will fit perfectly with each outfit, these necklaces each have a 4″ extension chain.

Most importantly, Shey offers a heartfelt wish for you and all living things to live happy, free, and loved. May we ultimately create a more peaceful and compassionate world. Thank you for shopping with us!



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