Art Bookmarks – Assorted Designs – Set of 3

Shey’s art bookmarks come in assorted designs and carry messages of wellness, empowerment, and possibility. Each design is inspired by Shey’s fine art paintings and her philosophy of life.  These miniature pieces of art inspire thoughts of peace and possibilities. Use these art bookmarks as a place holder in your bedtime read, in your cookbook, or on your desk for inspiration. They are easily enclosed in a card or package. Therefore, these assorted art bookmarks are a perfect gift for yourself, your book club, social group, or spiritual friends.

Shey’s original paintings are handpainted using the neo-impressionist style of pointillism, in this process, tiny dabs of pure colors are applied to the canvas with a small brush, this then allows the colors to be mixed optically with the eye. Shey brings an extra dimension to her paintings as each stroke of the brush is imbued with an intention for all living things to live happy, free, and loved. So, ultimately, we can create a more peaceful and compassionate world.

Find the design that’s right for you: 

Because you can order three different art bookmark designs at a time, you can mix and match these assorted designs or even order all three art bookmarks featuring one image as a set, you can order what is just right for you!

Shey also invites you to please join her in a vision of a world at peace. May it begin with peace in our own hearts and ultimately lead us to know peace in our world.

Learn more about Shey’s art as well as what inspires her by taking a deep dive into the stories of her pointillist paintings and bronze sculptures.  Also, explore her writing and meditations, all of this can be found on this website, please visit the links below:

Original Pointillist Paintings
Fine Art Giclee Prints
Greeting Cards



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