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54ka_flightSo often we are waiting for happiness to find us.  Yet all around us, color, sound, scent, the warmth of the sun, the caress of a breeze, each a spark for the senses, a gift, a doorway to discovery.  What do you notice? Do you hear the birds, the insects? The sound of traffic, tires on the road, the near silent movement of the mechanical bits of a car driving by. I can hear them all in this moment.  I let them touch me.  We share this Earth with so many other beings.
How much do we take in?  In this moment, ears engaged, I have yet to explore the visual sense with a consciousness that brings color, texture and line alive. Is that a role of the artist, to help others to see, to hear, to feel in a different light? To bring to the attention something that may have been missed, a treasure, a delight.  Skimming, busy, the mind misses so much.
I want to take it all in, light up my senses, please. Is that wrong?
Expanded awareness, awake, not grasping, I do not want them, the moments, the sensations, as mine.  I allow them to touch me, lift me, swirl around and flow through me. Acknowledged, I offer them to be the delight of another, a moment shared.
Other will see them differently.  Other may find the humming chatter of the insect annoying.  Other may not like the sound of the birds, the traffic. The sights and sounds assault, disturb. Where is Peace? Peace is in knowing the moment is perfect as it is. Peace is the firm knowledge that you are connected to all beings, we are them, they are me, each life a pulsating channel of consciousness.
Do I have room, room in the dimensions of my senses to accommodate all that I may experience? Do we distract ourselves, shift focus, redirect, protect? Give me a moment, the information is too much.
Is this why so much suffering goes unnoticed? Is this why we defend with an attack? Our senses become overloaded.  If we let it all in, let it touch us, we may come “too alive.”  If I feel deep joy, will it touch my pain?
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