Mother Tara: Angel of Peace, an image of White Tara. Legend has it that White Tara was born from a single tear of Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion. She was born of a broken heart and a compassionate wish. As Chenrezig surveyed the suffering of all beings, great sorrow arose in his heart, a tear fell from his right eye and Mother Tara was born. She stood before him and vowed to help all beings until not even the word suffering could be heard. She is easily recognized by the Wisdom eye in the center of her forehead, open, seeing with penetrating clarity. She has eyes in the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet as a symbol of her all knowing, all seeing wisdom.

Her sacred, abundant energy has been alive in my life in many profound ways. She appears as a guide in my daily meditations. Songs are sung about the Warrior Goddess Queen that initiated my journey into awakening praising her as an emanation of White Tara. I have had the inconceivable blessing of receiving many White Tara teachings and empowerments from great masters of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in the recent decades. Sedona’s first stupa, a 6’ White Tara long life stupa dedicated to the Venerable Gyaltrul Rinpoche sits among the red rocks. I had the honor of playing an integral role in its creation including sculpting the relief of White Tara resting at its heart. Tattooed on my right shoulder, an image of White Tara, she is an ever-present reminder of the Divine Sacred alive in my life. A painting of White Tara my first commission as a pointillist painter. I did not plan it this way; I see in hindsight that she seems to walk with me in each moment. She is welcome. I am grateful.

The original painting measured less than three feet high but has many stories to tell. The image was originally commissioned here in Sedona by a talented acupuncturist currently practicing in Maryland. It was then gifted to a Russian countess and her husband who live in America and are big supporters of the Tibetan Buddhist community. They, in turn, donated the painting to a local Buddhist center of which we were all a part. It then came to be in my care to be sold again to raise funds to support the centers’ activities. From here this beautiful Goddess of longevity and abundance became part of the collection of Nicholas Cage, one of the many stories worth telling. He ultimately gifted it to his father and after he passed, she found her way back to us. She is now resting comfortably at the Goldenstein Gallery in Sedona, AZ where she awaits her next adventure.

White Tara has been there when doors have opened for me. They are opening on many levels. She may be the one opening them; in her humility, she just smiles. A fully awakened Goddess extraordinaire, I prostrate with the fullness of my heart to the depth and breadth of her compassionate regard. May my own heart open so fully and my commitments run as deep.

-Sherab Khandro

This original Painting, Acrylic on board 18”x 34” is currently available.
Limited Edition Fine Art Prints are signed & numbered and available in various sizes through Goldenstein Gallery

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