I will wax eloquent about them you know, I love my dots … present, simple. An act of creation, distinct, defined in a moment. Added together, one dot after another, an image emerges. Colors dance, excited in harmony, at play in the eye. Together, their energies inspired. Alone each is imbued with intention or prayer. Prayer without Godhead, a quiet offering from the heart of this ordinary woman moved to embrace the wish of all beings to be happy. May it be so.

This dot, each dot, offered as a jeweled universe: rubies, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, countless in number as far as the eye can see or the mind comprehend. Sparkling with light and beauty, imbued with intention that all suffering may end and all beings may know peace.
Is there such power in a single act? A moment in time, heart soft, open … mind engaged, action taken … energy released and released and released, counter balance to doubt and fear. Dot as seed: brush in hand, paint, mind, moment, release, repeat. Garden grows.
As is the seed, so is the fruit. May compassion grow in my heart, may it fill to overflowing and wash away the hurts of the world.
What are the dots that fill your world?
What small acts add up to your life, the expression of your heart?
One small act of kindness at a time, the world cannot help but be a better place.


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