May YOUR Dreams Always Have Wings- Fine Art Pendant

Jan 10, 2021 | Blog

Valerie Romanoff wearing Dreams pendant on black cord

Valerie Romanoff, Dreamin’ the Dream … wearing Shey Khandro’s “May Your Dreams Always Have Wings” on a black cord

May YOUR  Dreams  Always  Have  Wings

(Butterfly pendant with necklace available in sterling silver or gold bronze)

The butterfly has long been seen as a symbol of transformation. From ancient times the butterfly has signified not only the “mystery of physical metamorphoses,” but also the “breathtaking release” of a “soul reborn out of chrysalis-like containment.”* The caterpillar transforms completely, emerging with wings, it takes flight.

Symbols are evocative. They can hold personal meaning or evoke particular states of mind. They can represent ideals or hold space for our beliefs. Symbols can inspire our imagination, invite mystical reflection, tell stories. I love the subtle and not so subtle language of the symbol.

This work is an invitation to open to our highest potential for this life. This line of handcrafted silver & bronze pendants, charms, necklaces, and earrings are imbued with an intention to nourish and inspire; to help us connect with our dreams, to give them wings.

I believe this a time of great change, I believe we are awakening to a more Loving and Compassionate world as we emerge from the cocoon of our limited perceptions. Dreaming of a world at peace, I believe it begins with peace in our hearts, I believe it begins with me.

What are you dreaming of? What thoughts are inspired by the symbol of the butterfly?  What thoughts or ideas do you want to nurture? Please share your thoughts … click here 😊



“May Your Dreams Always Have Wings” Sterling Pendant with Chain

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Shown here wearing the Dreams pendant is Valerie Romanoff, musician, composer, and producer, founder of Starlight Orchestra and Still, Chill, Thrill musical journeys at ValRock Music. To learn more, click here to visit

*quoted text from The Book of Symbols, Reflections on Archetypical Images by TASCHEN

Shey Khandro . Fine Artist . Philosopher . Meditation & Mindfulness Coach . Practices for Heart-Centered Living

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