May Your Dreams Always Have Wings- Fine Art Pendant

Jan 10, 2021 | Blog

Valerie Romanoff wearing Dreams pendant on black cord

Valerie Romanoff, Dreamin’ the Dream … wearing Shey Khandro’s “May Your Dreams Always Have Wings” on a black cord

May Your  Dreams  Always  Have  Wings

Introducing the “Dreams” pendant by Shey: A small original sculpture designed to carry your dreams to new heights. This elegant piece is a reminder your aspirations have the power to soar. With graceful wings, it encapsulates the essence of hope and the boundless potential within you. Wear it and let your dreams take flight.

The butterfly is a profound symbol of transformation and spiritual evolution. From a humble caterpillar to a cocoon, ultimately emerging as a magnificent butterfly, mirroring our own journey of growth and self-realization.

[link to b’fly symbolism]

I believe this a time of great change, I believe we are awakening a more Loving and Compassionate world as we emerge from the cocoon of our limited perceptions. Dreaming of a world at peace, I believe it begins with peace in our hearts, I believe it begins with me.

What are you dreaming of? What thoughts are inspired by the symbol of the butterfly? What thoughts or ideas do you want to nurture? Please share your thoughts … click here 😊

“May Your Dreams Always Have Wings” Sterling Pendant with Chain

Beyond their spiritual significance, Shey’s pendants are artistic creations. She uses her skills as a sculptor, painter, and jewelry designer to bring her artistic vision to life, infusing each piece with her unique style and craftsmanship.


Shown here wearing the Dreams pendant is Valerie Romanoff, musician, composer, and producer, founder of Starlight Orchestra and Still, Chill, Thrill musical journeys at ValRock Music. To learn more, click here to visit

*quoted text from The Book of Symbols, Reflections on Archetypical Images by TASCHEN

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