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Dec 17, 2011 | Blog

Peace Eyes tightAs poet and philosopher I wax incessant: romantic ideas, World Peace, living in Love with one another. I am not in denial nor am I living in a rainbow bubble of light just wishing for all to be well. Those immersed in a worldly perspective might say my reflections are all good and fine but all around us homes are being foreclosed on, jobs are difficult to find, sickness, war, poverty, disease.
Exactly. The condition of our people and our planet does not escape me. I am educated in the suffering of the world. After years of looking directly into it’s face, the challenges dealt with by the many forms of life that share this planet, it is my call to action. It has called me to say to you, there has to be another way.
I am grateful to those working the various sides of these multifaceted issues, those working in politics, in science, in service, those engaged as a voice of action, of change, those committed to Peace. It truly takes a village, a global village in this case.  I have taken on role of artist, storyteller, reflecting and recording this space and time. Inviting conversation, I seek to challenge ideas to which we cling.  Do they still serve us? Could there be another way? As we rage against the machine, I invite pause to reflect. What is at fundamental cause of these conditions? Reaching to the layers beneath.
I believe more Love is a vital component to the shifts and changes our current circumstances demand. I believe we are unskilled in it’s practice.  We speak the word with lofty praise as though we believe it is the only way. Yet it often sits on a shelf as glorified ideal.  Where are we in the skills of it’s practice from day to day? Where are you? Do we continue to rearrange the outer circumstances of our lives in an effort to capture a bit of happiness for ourselves?  A new job, a new car, a partner, a cause to be championed; fighting over borders, laws of import export, pointing fingers, assigning blame.  What is at cause for happiness, for peace, in our individual lives, in our world as a whole?
We each hold a space for truth to emerge. I cannot tell you yours, I would not presume to know. I, as artist, poet, philosopher, dreamer, hold a space for World Peace, for the possibility of living in Love with one another.  I believe it could be so.
I do not claim to have the answers. I offer reflections on possibilities and probabilities, an exploration of ideas proven to transform, an opportunity to consider our moment by moment choices, their impact, our responsibility. Where can we be more conscious? Where can we raise our sights, see outside of our own needs?  Where can we be more generous, a simple offering of praise, encouragement, a smile? Where can we look in the eyes of other and see ourselves?
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