If You Are a Woman in My Life, Please Read This … Only 500 words.

Dec 11, 2010 | Blog

150040_463373114140_528514140_5749140_581457_nMany beautiful people have conspired to mid-wife the birth of this Goddess.  You have shown up in many forms. Thank you.
There are pivotal moments throughout our lives. It is not uncommon for such a moment to occur around our 29th year. For me, this moment required a profoundly wise Warrior Goddess Queen to appear and pull me from my dullness by humming the tunes I could not resist.  I began to sing along. We danced and danced until all I could see was her.  Then when I was safely held, she passed me to the hands of her nuns. It was time for me to grow up.
My family provided well for me during the time my body got bigger.  I always had good food and clothes and medical care, most all the suburban comforts a kid could want, enough to keep me busy and out of trouble at least for a while.  I am thinking now of the years post 30 when life takes on a distinctly different quality. At this time there was a call, a demand, a demand to wake up. Wake up to the potential for this life. Wake up to the conditions of the world around me and the true sources of power within it. Wake up to the ancient commitments I had made for this time and space. The call could not be denied, the clarity to respond yet to be realized.
Throughout my 30’s and into my 40’s, under the direction of this magnificent singing, dancing Warrior Goddess Queen, the nuns raised me and trained me and taught me.  I studied and worked very hard, I drank deeply of what was offered.  Then it was time to go.
I am 50 now. In the 5 years since I have stepped out of “the Nunnery” as one of my dear friends likes to call my time as a Buddhist nun, there have been many changes. I am beginning to see more clearly, I am beginning to see that I walk every day among Warrior Goddesses in a myriad of forms. You are the women in my life, the powerful, sensitive, compassionate, steadfast, at times goofy, off the mark, even wrong. Everything about you teaches, everything about you offers something beautiful to me.  From my mothers, to my sisters, my girlfriends, my girlfriends, my “not” girlfriends, business partners, community partners, major and minor roles, you all matter. I stand stronger in my life from your gifts.
Some of you know who you are but I don’t believe most of you know the role you have played in the magnificence of this birth. The women in my life empower my goddess self, you have mothered her, coaxed her, demanded of her, held her, denied her, modeled for her, sang her praise, loved her and broken her heart. She raises her glass to each of you.
Thank you ladies!  The best is yet to come.  This is my story and I am sticking to it.  What story are you telling about your life?
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