I Expect to Meet You There …

Jan 9, 2011 | Blog

Purple Moon Rise with Bfly
I expect to meet you there one day
Under the layers of distraction
Under the chorus of ordinary things
Deeper, sensitive places
Places shadow protects
Places tender, knowing
At times elusive
Incredibly familiar
No separation
Dare we go there?
Yes, of course
The cost?
The cost not to, more
You will know your strength in your vulnerability
A wise message from a Wise Woman
An ocean
Awareness growing deeper with each breath
Resting there, as one, moments recorded in time
With each visit the remembering grows
A beingness present
Seeing each other with God’s eyes
Eyes of clarity and wisdom
Seeing all beings for the truth of their magnificence
Our magnificence
In this place, sensitive, we know depth
We know spiritual
In these moments we know Peace
Open, authentic, awareness alive
Filling all space beyond the bounds of physical form
A profound longing of the heart answered
Beyond ego
beyond the bounds of the ordinary world of form
Space to rest
 Space to know
Space to love
I expect to meet you there
When I do, I will ask you to dance
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