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Dec 23, 2010 | Blog

New life comes with each new day ...

New life comes with each new day …

20 years ago today I stopped drinking alcohol … a very unexpected, life-changing sobriety followed. I am open to sharing my whole story if you like. For today, on this landmark anniversary, I would like to share what I have come to know for sure:

I could not have done it alone.
I am loved.
Divine Spirit is alive in my life.
Even when I feel helpless and alone, I am neither.
I walk my path one moment at a time. It is not always easy.
I stand taller because I begin and end each day on my knees.
I live in gratitude for each person that has loved me and held me, listened to me and believed in me.
Patience and forgiveness are more precious than gold.
I raise a clear, clean glass of water in recognition of the unlimited potential in each moment. I drink deeply of the nectar of life as a gift not to be taken for granted.  I am blessed to be here.

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