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Sep 19, 2012 | Blog

Goldenbone logoOne of my very best friends is also one of my personal heroes. Angela Windolph is co-founder of Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab serving the Verde Valley, and the places beyond; one valley flowing into another and on it goes as far as the call can be heard. Angela and I catch up when we can, both blessed with lives that are vibrant and engaged. Hers lights up around dog rescue, her dedication inspiring.

The other morning as we enjoyed our ritual breakfast at the Coffee Pot restaurant she recounted a tale:

A call came in on a webwork of animal rescue groups that collaborate through emails and websites, placing thousands of animals a year. There were 6 puppies, actually 5 by first report, little Huskies. They would be abandoned to fend for themselves at 10 o’clock that night by a woman moving out of her home. The story:  the mother of the puppies had run off and she could not care for them.  A team went into action.  Angela thought of a woman in Prescott who had just lost her recently adopted Husky under strange and unexpected circumstance.  She was asked if she would foster these 5 Siberian pups. When she said yes, Angela set off South to drive nearly 3 hours to pick these puppies up and take them to their new foster home in Prescott.

Another woman set into action. She was from the local area network of dog rescue volunteers, she went to the house to take charge of the pups right away. They had been away from their mother and would need attention. She gave them each a bath, they were filthy little guys. She was scheduled to rendezvous with Angela at a near by gas station. The puppies were on their way to a welcoming foster care, giving and receiving love.

As I marvel at her commitment Angela reminds me that she is only one volunteer among a great many. This was only one small incident in a world of great need.  Rescue work is happening every day, in many places by many dedicated people.  Some dogs are in horrible situations and some are just being given up because their people don’t want to take care of them anymore. It takes the whole team, small acts, strung together saving lives. 

One of the biggest needs in the world of canine rescue is foster care, a stopping place before finding a permanent home. Foster care saves lives. Goldenbone Rescue & Rehab provides medical care, food and other necessities.  You provide safety, shelter and the main ingredient Love. “We desperately need more fosters!!!  The fosters are the real saints here,” Angela says.

This is an invitation. Maybe there is something you can do, check it out. I am told that most referrals come from the web and that facebook too has brought people together with animals in need. There is a strong network of organizations just a click away. Please check out the work of these loving, committed organizations:

Golden Bone

I heard from Angela just as we were going to press with this story. Two of the little Huskies have been adopted. “It’s such a wonderful experience when dogs are connected with loving people,” Angela says.  As I know with my own Mr. Pooh, the relationship between a dog and his/her owner can be immensely healing for both parties. Many thanks and much gratitude to each of you for the loving commitment you have made to this work.

Mr. Pooh as co-pilot


Catching up on rest after a long day at Goldenstein Gallery


My companion while I paint


This is just too cute …
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