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Jan 3, 2012 | Blog

I do not know exactly where truth lies with all the various philosophies and perspectives that exist in our world and I am not likely to have the opportunity to explore them all in this lifetime but speaking from my interest in philosophy and physics I subscribe to the belief that all physical reality exists as energy.  I believe our thoughts, our words and our deeds also generate an energetic footprint, they have an effect, they matter. I believe this is an important time of choice, of change, of deepening understanding. It is a time to re-evaluate our priorities as a culture, as individuals, as a human race. We have an opportunity to make conscious choices personally and as global citizens that can turn the tide of hatred, greed, ignorance and pride that run rampant in our world and seem to be at cause for so much suffering.
Our world appears to be in crisis. Much will need to be done to shore up the systems that can allow us to live in peace and harmony with one another. You know that I believe that we can.  Although I will not rule out the possibility of an ephiphanal awakening that puts a sudden and lasting end to war and sickness, hatred, greed and ignorance, it is not the most likely scenario based on my own experience of humanity. We have work to do and accomplishment may take generations.
Many of us are experiencing a call to awaken, a call to lift our eyes and open our hearts, an invitation to live from a higher perspective.  Our eyes have opened wider as we are now able to see all over the world in an instant. Possibly something has captured your attention that is suggesting a purpose for your life that is bigger than yourself. You are yearning for something, a deeper fulfillment, a cause for rejoicing.
When I felt this way it was suggested that I was thirsting for a deeper truth. I began to study fundamental Buddhist thought. I began to look closely at the world as it appears, to study the nature of our perceptions, the habits of our minds and the results we produce.  I studied in depth the myriad of forms of suffering running rampant in our world. I was moved to action. I have embraced practices that I believe help us to see through the illusions, to heal, to offer healing to others.  20+ years ago this became my vocation.
It was my supreme good fortune to take the vow of the Bodhisattva, each day, its fulfillment my aspiration. This vow is at the center of my motivation and intention for this lifetime and any future lifetimes if I have a say. It is my commitment to live my life in service, not as a martyr doing without but as a clear channel for the flow of Love and Compassion into the world. This is what is behind the work I do.  I sculpt, I paint, I write, I speak, I teach, all tools to communicate, all of it to inspire conversation about Love and Compassion.
Much of the world is in turmoil. I believe we are being asked by our own higher self to pay attention, to heal, to look deeper at the nature of our existence. From there we can make our own choices about what matters. I believe we are being asked to step up, to make a conscious choice to be cause of Love and Compassion.  There are more and more people everyday turning their minds to this possibility.  Thank you.   Namaste … 2012 and beyond.
"May the light of Compassion shine throughout all realms ... "

“May the light of Compassion shine throughout all realms … “

thanks Crisy 🙂
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