Free to Fly

Jun 22, 2013 | Blog

Free to Fly Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture

Free to Fly
Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture

My work teaches me things. Each piece tells me a story.  I invite you to join me in mine or make one of your own.

“Free to Fly” was inspired by the early stages of a flight into a new phase in my own life. A particularly profound transformation taking place in the chrysalis of my Buddhist robes,  breaking down all that I knew myself to be. From the teachings of loving kindness and compassion and the support of a close community shaping a more mature, spiritual understanding of myself and the world in which I live.

The steps themselves were inspired by the story of the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, NM.  When the chapel was built there was no way to get to the choir loft.  The nuns were told they would have to use a ladder but this was not a practical solution as they wore long robes.   As no other solution was forth coming they decided to pray to St. Joseph the patron saint of carpenters.  They prayed for nine days (there are 9 butterflies in the sculpture).  On the ninth day a carpenter showed up offering to build the stairs.  He completed the stairs over the course of a few months leaving without a goodbye or a chance for the nuns to offer pay or a thank you.  The nuns tried to find him even the local lumberyard had never seen him.  The nuns wondered if he was Joseph himself or even Jesus as he too was a carpenter. The stairs were built in a spiral with no visible means of support (most spiral staircases are built around a central pole) and have been a wonder to visitors for decades since.
Earthly and solid in form yet with no visible means of support, the stairs were manifested through prayer and faith.  The butterflies represent the ethereal or otherworldly nature of being.  This sculpture speaks to the balance between that which is physical and solid in our world and that which is mystical or spiritual.  Faith as the force that binds; faith in ourselves, in our beliefs, in the deepest knowing of our hearts…faith in the power of loving kindness and compassion as the most potent source in our world.  
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