Mindful March:  Daily Silent Meditation Practice Inspired by Mystics
01 Mar 12:00 PM
Until 31 Mar, 11:59 PM 30d 11h 59m

Mindful March:  Daily Silent Meditation Practice Inspired by Mystics

Feast for the Soul Zoom Room

Mindful March 2024 - Inspired by the Mystics

A wonderful Month of inspiring reflections, poems, prayers, and quotes inspired by mystics, ancient and contemporary!

Join us next year for Mindful March 2025!
Nurture your heart and feed your soul 🌸

Keep abreast of resources available to support your journey here!

(Click here to visit the library of content shared throughout March 2024.)

Thank you to Sarah McLean for your leadership and Feast for the Soul for hosting the event       Peace & Blessings, Shey

Mindful March with Ancient & Modern Mystics

Take another step on your journey of awakening with daily meditation sessions. Soulful meditation mentors Sarah McLean and Shey Khandro invite you to put aside a half-hour each day to find some peace, recenter yourself, and tap into the beauty of your life.

We’ll begin each session with a few moments of inspiration as we reflect on an ancient or modern mystic’s insightful poem, prayer, or passage. Then, we’ll dive into the silence with an 18-minute meditation.
Held online at 9 am PT (12 noon ET, 5 pm UK),
Register to attend any or all of these virtual programs free of charge 
Details for the next Mindful March will be sent out in early 2025.


Learn more about Sarah Mclean here

Learn more about Shey Khandro here

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