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Nov 29, 2010 | Blog

“Autumnal Tiphtych” by Lynn Rae Lowe
Always choose Love.  Choose “to” Love, an active verb, an action, a choice.
There is a story here, actually several different stories. For now I am not going to tell any of them.  I am just going to get right to the question:
Some one has hurt you or someone you care about, they have offended you or they have exhibited behavior that you strongly object to, can you choose to Love them, really love them?
Do you have room to recognize the behavior as bad, inappropriate, even dangerous and still hold a place of compassionate regard? Hold a space that this person is suffering, that their suffering has walked them into this behavior. Can you consider that they act out of their own pain, their own fear. What was it Jesus said as he hung from the cross? “They know not what they do,” even if they seem to. Can you, will you, hold a space for them to find what they need to heal, to shift, to find their own compassionate heart?
Some believe this would mean you are justifying what appears to be bad behavior, I believe they have given you a gift.
Can you look honestly at your own reaction? Are you justifying your own anger and judgment as you condemn another? Are you acting out of your own pain, your own fear? Could it be that they are offering a powerful reflection of your own lack of compassion? Can any of us really say we are a pure display of compassion in every moment?
Whenever some one shows up in your life exhibiting behavior that is clearly “not Love,” I would like to suggest that an opportunity has presented itself, perhaps several opportunities. I invite you to check in with yourself and see where you may be exhibiting “not Love” in your reactions, to them and while you are at it, in other places in your life.
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