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Feb 7, 2011 | Blog

"Laughter Heals" Limited Edition Fine Art Print Sherab Khandro

“Laughter Heals”
Limited Edition Fine Art Print
Sherab Khandro

Layered in magnificence today. I don the fashion recommendations of my friend the Countess, Goddess of Chic in my personal opinion.  Assembled with the eye of Shey, the elements splendid, worthy of praise and the care that gives longevity to fine things.  Slacks and jacket, coat and scarf, accessories not overstated, I feel like the queen of my life, the captain of my ship. Sails full of wind, I will take this vessel across the high seas.  Off on an adventure, extraordinarily prepared to take in every breath deeply, to experience fully the expanse of life, the depth of the moment. Yes.  A good day indeed.

How is your adventure unfolding?  Tell me your story …
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