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Nov 19, 2018 | Events Archive

Sedona is a vortex of creativity and has inspired artists across time to share their many gifts. This holiday season I would like to invite you to “shop local.”

If you are giving gifts this season to support locally funded causes, please consider some of these generous, local impact organizations.

If in addition, you are seeking “Life Enhancement Through Art” please follow the links below.

Enjoy the wisdom and creativity of these artists, you may find a few things just right for that special someone.  Even if that special someone is YOU!

Of course, please don’t miss Goldenstein Gallery.  Distinctive jewelry pieces, artistically designed and lovingly made, make the wearer feel special. Delightful bronze or carved stone stocking stuffers by celebrated sculptors James Muir, David Phelps, Sherab (Shey) Khandro, Upton Greyshoes Ethelbah.  Visit us in person or on the web.


On the evening of December 14, Goldenstein Gallery will be hosting a Trunk Show & Poetry reading with Adele Seronde and Sherab Shey Khandro.

Speaking of shopping on the web, This year I opened an Etsy store to make it easy to shop day or night for jewelry and bookmarks. Please visit InspirationsbyShey on Etsy and share the link with friends and family if you like it.

Also this year, you can find pendants, prints and greeting cards at Liberation Yoga & Wellness Center in Mahopac, NY. Visit in person or online.



In addition to my work and the work of other Goldenstein artists, please find links below to a few of my local favorites. Vibrant and grounded in the spiritual, I admire the work of these artists too.

The Artwork of Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith, World Peace Artist



Coloring Book




Holly Sierra Art


Holly Sierra of Holly Sierra Art






Tiffany Davis-Rustam Art

Tiffany Davis-Rustam of Tiffinity Art









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