Sculpture Jewelry – May Your Dreams Always Have Wings Pendant

Part of Shey’s intentional jewelry line, this fine art pendant is imbued with a wish for your dreams to always have wings. Above all, it was created as a reminder of the beauty and power within you This original jewelry sculpture, “May Your Dreams Always Have Wings,” makes a striking pendant. Inspired by the butterfly, a powerful symbol of transformation, flight, and freedom. This art piece makes a beautiful gift for yourself or another special someone, saying clearly, “I believe in you.”

Find the one that’s right for you: 

Hand-sculpted, this special jewelry sculpture, “May Your Dreams Always Have Wings” butterfly pendant is cast in .925 fine sterling silver or a gold bronze. A choice of necklaces in various lengths are available for each pendant. As a result, you may choose one that is perfect for you.

The intentional language of symbols:

This piece tells a story. Firstly, here the butterfly is a symbol of transformation. Next, it has emerged from its cocoon. With wings spread, it is then able to take flight. As a result, it reaches new heights, aspirations are fulfilled.

  • The circle represents the unbroken connectedness of all of us.
  • The dot at the top reminds us of the power found in this moment.
  • The five lines are an intentional design element in this sculpture and represent the fundamental supports in our lives.

What does this mean to you? What are the fundamental supports in your life? For instance, the five universal elements of nature may represent powerful energy in your life, or possibly the lines represent important aspects of your spiritual path. Or maybe you think of faith, family & friends, fitness, finance, and fun. However we choose to see these, we are reminded we are not alone, there are universal forces here to support us.

More about the art:

Learn more about Shey’s art and the ways it inspires by taking a deep dive into the stories of her pointillist paintings and bronze sculptures.  Also, explore other writings and meditations found on this website, please visit the links above & below:

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Most importantly, Shey offers a heartfelt wish for all living things to live happy, free, and loved. So ultimately, we can create a more peaceful and compassionate world.

Additional information

Dimensions2.75 × 2 in



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