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Welcome to Follow the Peace Trail 2022!

Another year with Follow the Peace Trail!  I am hitting the road this fall and will be coming to you from places around the United States, Canada and Mexico.  My team and I continue to build a video channel/podcast on YouTube featuring content to support our individual & collective journey of Peace. We have a growing number of interviews with thought leaders, visionaries and advocates for peace bringing you “Small Acts of Immeasurable Benefit.” 

  • Short videos offering tools & practices easily integrated into daily practice
  • Long form content for a deeper dive
  • Live stream events for real time interaction  


We are currently building a video library for you offering: 

  • the basics of meditation
  • how to create a regular meditation practice
  • practices for cultivating & maintaining mindfulness 
  • tips & tools for self-reflection, conflict resolution including practices for loving ourselves & loving each other 
  • along with ideas for caring for our beloved Mother Earth 

If you haven’t already, please join us for tips & tools to enhance the moments making up your life!

  • Visit our Channel Follow the Peace Trail. We trust you will find the content valuable and appreciate your support! Thoughtful feedback is always welcome. (Link to YouTube & add button with link to the channel)
  • Subscribe, like, comment, and share as we build community and bring more exciting content to support your journey.

Stay tuned as we grow this energy vortex in support of a Peaceful & Compassionate world! 

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Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Peace & Blessings,




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Know a change-maker? Someone whose ideas inspire you? We would love to share their wisdom with our audience. 

Reach out and let us know:


We invite you to embrace these ideals everyday throughout the year.

All are welcome.

Bring your open juicy hearts as together we empower a more Peaceful and Compassionate world.
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