Peace Please

Nov 7, 2013 | Blog

“Peace Please”

Let it begin with me. I believe peace will be realized through the small acts of the individual expanding to community and beyond. It is in my own hands to catalyze change. I am honored to be alive at a time when more and more people are actively cultivating compassion, standing for peaceful resolution and looking through appearances to our common humanity. I believe that peace will happen in the roots of our communities, in the choices I make with the gifts and the blessings I have received.

What are some of the small steps I can take towards a more peaceful, loving world?  What programs are available in my community that empower and support those around me? What moment by moment choices am I making that bring compassion alive?

I believe with all my heart that if I spend my time focused on the things we share in common there would be little time to fuss about our differences.  We all just want to be happy, we want to be free of our pain and our fear, we just want to be loved.

Thank you to those that share this vision, each of us reaching out, lifting those around us. May we know peace … please.




This painting reminds me of the power of stillness and an unwavering commitment to cultivating the immeasurable qualities of loving kindness, compassion and peace.  Available in a limited edition fine art print, each piece signed and numbered.  I am also delighted to inscribe your piece with a dedication to your special wish.

To add this piece to your collection or as a gift for someone in your life, please inquire with me directly or with Goldenstein Gallery.

Namaste 🙂

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