Symbols are evocative. They can hold personal meaning or evoke particular states of mind. They can represent ideals or hold space for our dreams. Symbols can be an exploration of mysticism or imagination, tell stories or remind us of the people we are committed to being. I love the language of the symbol.

I have been described as an artist of intention. What is intention in art? For this artist, it is art created with a purpose. Imagery or form meant to remind us of the qualities we wish to embrace, the person we are committed to being, the ideas we wish to have alive in our world. Paintings, sculpture, and jewelry meant to bring us alive, beauty alive, to help us to know our own beautiful from the inside out.

What thoughts are inspired by my interaction with this piece? What thoughts do I want to connect with today? What ideas do I want to nurture? Or do I simply want to sparkle today 😉


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